15: On offence

  • questioning something about a person or group
  • writing about a topic the offended would prefer we didn’t write about
  • writing in a style the reader is unfamiliar with and that they misconstrue
  • using particular terms the offended does not like
  • being critical of something the offended supports.

Who are the offended?

Individuals, social groups, genders, ethnicities and the religious are the main demographics to claim offence. They will say so to defend themselves or to deflect attention from themselves. They may direct accusation and question the motives of the accused offender.

Claims of offence

Responses to perceived offence are frequently offensive themselves.They range through verbal attack, attempts to discredit the journalist, verbal bullying, abuse, passive aggressive behaviour and emotional blackmail.



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Russ Grayson

Russ Grayson

I'm an independent online and photojournalist living on the Tasmanian coast after nine months on the road in a minivan.