Doing radio interviews


Responding to journalists

Be prepared to repeatedly answer the same questions

  • whether community gardening was a growing practice
  • how many community gardens there are
  • how do people start a community garden.
  • make a list of commonly-asked questions
  • prepare succinct, accurate and informative answers beforehand and update them
  • on air, word those answers in ways that suit the style of radio program and its audience, if you know that; in responding to questions from ABC radio journalists and program hosts, I knew the audience was mostly middle-class, well-educated people in touch with current affairs; I responded using language that appealed to the values commonly held by that demographic, using words they would understand and avoiding technical terms to do with community development, local government and landscape design.

Be pithy

The contested interview

Devil’s advocate

Be prepared

Answering provocative questions

Being a spokesperson

It’s nothing complicated



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Russ Grayson

Russ Grayson

I'm an independent online and photojournalist living on the Tasmanian coast after nine months on the road in a minivan.